Sold Homes


Everyone's first thought when you start to think about buying a home is, "where do I start?" You're making one or the biggest purchase of your life and in today's market, you're starting out at $300,000+. I always tell my buyers that they SHOULD be worried. This isn't a game but real life and if you make the wrong choice it can hurt your future. With having my father as my mentor and with his 30+ years of experience. He has taught me that honesty and integrity are the number one factors of being an Real Estate Agent. Never allow your clients to be surprised by anything. No matter how painful it is to tell them. And that's where I come in. I will be there from the start to the finish. 

And where do you start? By calling me! Then we can go over what your goals with buying a home. 

  1. Talk to a lender to find out the following: Credit score, debt to income ratio, cash available for down payment, total amount you will qualify for overall. 
  2. Ask you what location in Colorado you are favoring to move to that day. (Think about where you work, your activities, schools if you have children, dog parks and trails if you have dogs or you like to spend time on a dirt trail, activities you love to do(baseball, football, hockey games, eating out, bars, etc...).
  3. Start looking in the MLS and other programs to find your dream home. 

This may seem like I a lot but there's even more to go with finding a home. But, I will be very detailed about everything we do and I won't allow ANY surprises during the buying process. I have learned that this type of explanation is unneeded and unnecessary. 

As your Real Estate Agent, this is what I will bring to the table and I know we will create a great and unique experience. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Putting your home on the market doesn't have to be a chore. It's your next step to being where you THRIVE to be. As a home owner, your home is where you've created love, memories, moments, ideas, and a history. I know because I've been a home owner most of my life. And now that I have a family, my home means so much more to me. And I know this is how you feel or how you want to feel soon.

If you've upgraded, enhanced, built, to your home. You have a sentimental and emotional attachment to your property. It's one of the most unique experiences you can have though out your life. But without the right knowledge and understanding of the real estate market you might not know how to price your home to get the highest resale value.

One way I can help you get "top dollar" is to be honest and open to me about your home. I want you to tell me everything about your property that has been a part of you and your family. The history of your home will help me with selling your home because buyers not only want to know how well it was kept up but what happened in the home they are about to buy. 

Along with that information from you, I will go through everything part of your home to find out if you've added insulation in the attic, updating plumbing, how old are the appliances, to everything outside. What's your favorite park, restaurant, things to do around your home? There are so many things that will help me sell your home and the new buys will be more than ecstatic.

I hope you will contact once you and your family are ready to make that next jump to your dream home.